What are the implications of possible changes to employment law when we finally leave the EU? Which legislation is likely to be unaffected and which at risk?

Discrimination, working time regulations, health and safety, parental leave rights all have been shaped during the time the UK has been part of the  EU. Politicians who campaigned for Brexit often cited what they deemed to be unnecessary red tape and bureaucracy as intrusive to workplaces and business.

Given that at some point the UK will exit the EU, how much change are we really likely to see at work? What should we be considering now and advising those we work both with and for. How much of employment legislation over recent times has come to be regarded as good practice offering protection for employees.

Will the UK Government feel obliged to repeal or change laws that have been unpopular with employers, possibly irking the wrath of Trade Unions and of course what about Immigration. What are likely changes that will effect who we can recruit from outside the UK and what checks will need to be made?

Will there be immediate skills shortages and if so what should be done to ensure business continues to deliver?

Women in HR, Recruitment and Executive Coaching brings together professionals within the field of employment to consider and discuss the potential implications of eventual Brexit to employees and businesses.

She Business is hosting a seminar with Chadwick Lawrence, Yorkshire’s Legal People, to explore these topics and more.  The event is for anyone working, consulting and advising in this arena. Hear from Employment law experts, gain top tips of how to deal with any conflict at work, enjoy light refreshments and of course network!